A Guide to Shapeware

Shapeware is very common today. Generally, trans women, transfeminine and people just for kinky pleasure try to reduce the appearance of their abdomens and increase the appearance of their hips, thighs, and buttocks. Some use push-up bras and other garments to enhance their breasts. However, buying all these different garments can add-up. If you are about to make an investment or if you are exploring and want to be within budget, we suggest you focus on these:

A frequently asked question that often comes to us is how to obtain an hourglass figure.

Breast – round, in proportion to chest width.

Waist – much thinner than hip and bust.

Hips – rounded shape and larger than the waist.

Enhancing your Breast: The least expensive is a cleavage enhancer. Stay away from medical or even duct tape. Some cleavage enhancers will need the aid of padding. A better way is with a breast form, that resembles a real but, and is commonly used by crossdressers and transgenders looking for non-surgical enhancement. Padded bras: Bras with padding or pockets for inserts can enhance and create the appearance of cleavage.

Accentuating your Waist: The waist needs to be a couple of sized smaller than your bust. The range of options increase enormously in this area. Traditionally many have worn corsets which have a lace-up back, however, these are not really suitable for body shaping as they are just not strong enough. Corsets come in “underbust” styles, where the corset sits below the bust, and a bra can be worn, or “overbust”, where the corset comes over the breast. Underbust corsets are ideal for cross-dressers, as they can wear their normal bra and breast forms. Tight lacing corsets can reduce the waist by 2 to 4 inches. Buy a corset 4 inches less than your actual waist size.

Waist Cinchers are designed to “pinch” in your waist. Options are plenty here, you can wear a boned waist cinchers which have slightly less shaping. You should choose a size of cincher or girdle that is 1 size lower than your actual waist in order to compensate. If you are looking to reduce your waist by more than an inch or two then a traditional steel boned corset is a better option.

If you have never worn a corset before you might first try an under-bust corset. These are typically 10 to 13 inches in length and stop just underneath the bust so are easier to size.

Enlarging your Hips and Buttocks: You will need to add a couple of several inches around the hips.

If time is a limitation to build your rear at the gym, wear Padded Panties which will increase the hip and booty area an average of 2″ to 4”. Some panties give support to the lower abdomen and waist area as well as adding to inches to your hips.

You have to be careful to make sure you get the inches where you need them, with the right product. If you need rounder buttocks, then go for a foam based product. Silicone pads on your buttocks can feel odd when you sit and tend to crack.

You can wear control top pantyhose, these often compress the thighs and hips. Some are designed to lift the buttocks rather than compress. They also help bringing in the stomach or sides.

Adding details to the overall shape:

Shaping camisoles can be worn under everyday clothes to give a light reshaping and smoothing.

Gaffs, it their most basic form they are a compression underwear. They can be worn either with or without a “tuck” and works to help achieve a flatter, affirmed look. In addition to hiding genitals, gaffs help fit certain clothing designs (like swimwear) in a way that is more comfortable, smooth and comfortable.