A sissy gets chastised and enslaved for life

A sissy gets chastised and enslaved for life

The day had finally arrived. The night before, The Supreme Goddess, Mistress Aves, with the assistance of Her associate Mistress Valentina, had drawn my blood to fill the fountain pen. The slave contract had been signed and all that was left was to perform the ceremony, where i would pledge my loyalty to my Owner, ‘til death doeth part’.

With Orren as our witness, i knelt before my Goddess and the High Priestess and my new destiny began. The High Priestess began: “Do you, Mistress Aves, take this pathetic, lowly worm has your lawfully owned property? To have and to hold, to use and abuse, to spit and piss upon, until you grow tired of it?”
Mistress Aves coyly replied: “I do.”
Priestess continued: “And do you slave sissy, surrender your body, mind, and soul to this Supreme Goddess? Do you vow to serve and obey, to worship and adore, so long as She deems you worthy?
Without a nanosecond of hesitation, i replied: “Yes Mistress. Thank You Mistress.”
The High Priestess then presented The Ring, along with a set of nipple clamps. i placed The Ring on Mistress’s finger. It fit almost perfectly, which She found very amusing. She laughed out loud at the realization that the size of Her finger was almost the size of my pathetic little pecker.

The High Priestess continued. “Repeat after me. With this ring I thee enslave.”

Mistress Aves looked down on me and recited with a stern tone of authority “With this ring, I thee enslave. You are now My property and you will do whatever I command, whenever and wherever I want! Do you understand, worm?”
By now, it was as reflexive as a hammer to the knee “Yes Mistress, Thank You Mistress”.
At this point, My Goddess placed the Frenum Chastity Device on my little wee wee. She then took a needle and pierced the head. The pain was excruciating and i screamed like a banshee. Mistress then inserted the barbell and screwed on the ends using the permanent, thread locking glue. To distract me from my pain, She then applied the nipple clamps to the tips of my budding breasts.
The High Priestess continued: “sissy, you are now completely enslaved. Your pathetic little excuse for a pee pee is locked away. You may no longer experience pleasure for yourself, but will only derive pleasure from serving others. Do you accept this as your fate,……………forever?”

Again, without hesitation, i replied: “Yes Mistress, i do. Thank You Mistress.”
At this point, although my pee pee was still throbbing with pain, a warm glow of contentment washed over me. i felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. Many slaves have to be brutally forced into sissification and servitude, but i seemed to take to it naturally, after very little training. Something deep within my psyche always knew that i was meant to serve and obey. Mistress Aves was quickly able to show me that Females are naturally Superior. Real Men are useful in sexually satisfying the Goddesses, but meek, little submissives, such as myself have no chance of ever becoming Real Men. The best place for us is to serve out our lives as sissified, obedient, servants, making life easier for our Superiors.
The High Priestess signaled for me to rise and continued: “Then by the power invested in me, I hereby pronounce You Owner and property.”  Looking at Mistress Aves: “You may discipline your chattel.”
Mistress Aves replied sarcastically “Thank you Mistress.” She then administered two stern slaps across my face; first a forehand, then a backhand. It was like no face slap i had ever received. Instead of dread, fear, and pain, the sequence was more like pride, sharp sting, and relaxed contentment. It was natural for me to be slapped. Taking pain gave my Mistress pleasure and giving Her pleasure is my destiny – it is the natural order of things and it felt ohhhhhh so good.
The Priestess woke me from my dazed state of happiness with the words “Sissy, you may worship your owner.”
Without thinking, the words rolled off my tongue: “Thank You Mistress”. i quickly sank into an even deeper state of happiness has i dropped down to the floor and softly and carefully kissed and licked Her shiny boots. i could have gone on for hours, but again the Priestess interrupted my state of ecstasy with the following words: “That’s enough slave. Now turn around. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you Supreme Goddess, Mistress Aves and Her slave, sissy.”
i smiled in anticipation of the future. Soon would follow breast implants, pierced nipples and permanent tattooed eyeliner and lip liner. Mistress smiled and said She had a surprise for me to ‘consummate’ our relationship. She left the room while i stayed on my knees in a submissive position. When She returned, She was nearly naked except for a harness and a huge strap-on dildo. The length and thickness of this protruding phallus could make a horse jealous! She smiled and told me to bend over. Oh my god, what had i gotten my self into?

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