Boss Transforms Hubby Into His New Girl

Boss Transforms Hubby Into His New Girl

Dear Forced Womanhood,
I have been reading Forced Womanhood for about five years now; the most amazing and satisfying five years of my life in fact. You see, I have trained many female slaves throughout my kinky years but until recently I hadn’t had a male slave. When I hired my new secretary, Crystal, I had no idea how close I was to my dream becoming true. I want to share my story with your magazine as it has inspired me greatly.
I have several of your magazines tucked away all over my office for those times when I need a little distraction from the grind of work. When Crystal happened to see one of these she explained how she had always wanted to find a Master. Her husband, though OK in bed, just wasn’t dominating enough to be a true Master. She asked if I was only into men and of course I said no. Crystal started with me right away, signing a standard contract for her to serve as my slave for a six month trial period. She told her husband of our arrangement; he was excited by the thought of his wife being a slave to another man and agreed to allow her to try.
Crystal would share with her husband every detail of her serving me and various other men. They both got a thrill from the arrangement though hers was emotional and his was purely sexual.  What could be more arousing than the thought of strange men enjoying your wife’s sexual prowess?
After the initial six months with me I told Crystal I would like to renew her contract and to explain to her husband I wanted to feminize him as well. She showed him your Forced Womanhood magazine at my request. At first he was very reluctant and refused to even consider the proposition. I was then forced to forbid my slave to serve her husband in any way. She continued to tell him detailed accounts of her serving others but was not allowed to have sex with him. After three months of this cuckold torture he finally gave in to my demands.
He signed a standard contract (much like his wife’s) and they both moved into my house. I was lucky to get into the market when real estate was at rock bottom and now have a large but modest lakeshore home on the outskirts of Minneapolis. The den has been converted into a dungeon playroom but the three guestrooms are reserved for slaves under contract. Crystal has been assigned to a luxurious modern room for the nights she isn’t confined to the cage under my bed but her husband has been placed in the “sissy suite.” This room is outfitted in the most feminine finery one could imagine; an armoire filled with silky slips and baby doll nightgowns, sheer gossamer curtains, ruffled bed skirts, and a dainty vanity table stocked with fine perfumes and high quality MAC makeup. (I love my feminized slaves to be made up dramatically and looking slutty.)
The first feminizing task was to have all his body hair removed. Initially this must be done by shaving but since this is only temporary and the resulting regrowth stubble is highly offensive to me a full-body wax is in order at the end of the first week. Once his skin was completely bare, moisturized and perfumed, I installed one of your world famous Frenum Chastities. (One of the reasons I became interested in feminizing him was due to the fact that he and Crystal were a young modern couple and his penis was already pierced. Plus, he worked at a tech job which made him pale, thin, and lacking muscle.) I promised him I would only make it permanent if he didn’t fulfill his contract.
I picked out his clothes to not only accent his feminine features but to stimulate his bare skin. Starting with your Push-Up Black Leather Corset—cinching it so tight he could barely breathe—and then adding your Red Satin Dress. The combination of the rough leather and soft satin on his bare skin made his cock throb and try to harden. The pain of his tender flesh forcing itself on the hard metal outweighed the turn-on and he quickly went soft again with a sigh of relief. I pulled out a pair of thigh high red stockings and your 7 Yz” Nasty shoes to complete the outfit, topping it all off with a blonde Diva wig and heavy make-up. I decided on no panties as I wanted him to be fully accessible.
Standing back to admire my work my cock stood at attention at the sight of my new girl. He whined and complained as I looked over my work.
“The heels are too high. The corset is too tight. Please remove the Frenum Chastity immediately,” he cried out.
Disgusted with my new girl’s ungrateful attitude I chained him to the wall and placed a large ball gag in his mouth to silence the horrible whining.
Calling Crystal down to his room I made him watch as she sucked my cock. I could see the hunger in his eyes as his wife expertly worked my cock and balls. After no sex for three months and constantly being teased by his wife’s stories, he wanted it bad. The pain, as well as the metal of the Frenum Chastity, bit into his cock, stopping him from growing erect. Crystal licked up every drop of my cum as it shot over her face and mouth, giving her husband a good view of the action.
I gave Crystal the honor of training the new girl; she was to teach him to walk, dress and behave properly. Although Crystal worked hard on teaching him he quickly lost interest and after only one month it was obvious he was not going to fulfill his end of the contract. Stripping him of all of his nice new clothes I had him dress in only a see-though blue nighty and panties. Dragging him kicking and screaming I chained him to the bed where Crystal held him down so he couldn’t thrash about as I installed the break off screws. As I prepared him for his new life, his screaming drowned out the sound of the metal breaking. I quietly explained to him that he had signed a contract and I would be doing a disservice to him if I didn’t see that it was fulfilled.
Since he would no longer need to worry about pleasure for himself it was time he learned to service others. His forcing my hand only made my cock grow hard; I realized with delight that it was time to break this stallion. Sitting on his chest I pulled out my fully engorged cock. His face showed the horror as he viewed my huge cock so close for the first time. I rammed my full length down his throat then pulled back so he could breathe just a little.
Slowly I fucked his mouth, enjoying his struggles as he tried to break free. His hot tears splashed against my rock hard cock as I raped his mouth, forcing him to take my cock deeper as my thick seamen seared down his throat. Even after I came I continued to fuck his mouth until I was hard once again. Using only his spit for lubrication, I shoved my cock deep into his tight ass. He screamed and pleaded as I took his cherry ass, hard and rough. I enjoyed the feel of his tight flesh as it squeezed my cock and the sounds of his muffled cries only made me fuck him harder. Pumping his ass as fast as I could until I was about to cum and then slowing down, I managed to make that first fuck last for half an hour before I could take no more and shot my hot cum deep into his ass.
He got very little sleep in that bed. Over the following week I threw numerous play parties and offered him to anyone who wanted him. He was whipped until red lines showed on his fair skin. They fucked every orifice. Sometimes he was made to service two or three men at once. If his mouth was full with two cocks and his ass was full with another, some of the men would simply jack off over him. He was covered from head to toe with cum.
One day I noticed he wasn’t just being used as a plaything anymore, he was participating as well. Finally he had come to realize that this was his life. He was born to be a slave and to please others. He had mentally succumbed to finding pleasure in serving others and being used as a sex toy; he was now eager to take as many cocks as possible every day.
Now he takes your hormones supplements daily and his body has filled out well. His thin frame now boasts dainty hips and a plumped up ass along with budding breasts. He has worked so hard that next week I am rewarding him with actual breast implants so large that my friends and I will be able to titty-fuck him.
I have you to thank for all of this. Your products and magazine have brought such joy and fulfillment into my life. Please keep up the good work. I cannot wait to transform my next “girl”.
Thanks again for everything

The Boss

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