Contemplate His Slavery

Contemplate His Slavery

Dear Forced Womanhood,

I wrote recently about how I made my husband into a slave after many years of a slowly fading marriage and by making him my slave it not only renewed our love and marriage, but has let me enjoy sex to the fullest for the first time in many years.

I forgot to mention something that is very important to your women readers. When your slave has had a permanent slave ring welded onto his penis so he can no longer have sex it is imperative that you let him know what he is missing. Make him realize that he is now only a slave, never to have sex again unless you yourself cut off the ring.

When I decide to go out for sex or just for a good time I usually bind him up to contemplate his slavery and wonder what I am doing. But when I do bind him up, I make it a point to dress in the sexiest of lingerie, undergarments, nylons and high heels, the selection of which varies depending on my moods.

I have a large wardrobe of items such as lacy corsets, garter belts, panties, silk and satin bras and panties. This not only turns him on seeing me this way, but humiliates the hell out of him knowing another man will see me dressed so scandalously, get turned on and have sex with me. I usually have him kiss my high heeled feet before I leave him to imagine what I am doing, and how I am satisfying someone else. I did not used to wear such things and it infuriates my husband to know he is only a slave and that I will do it for others. He has never said so, but I can see it in his actions and eyes!

When I get home late at night I make it a point to undress in front of him as he lays bound on the bed in front of me. Last night I wore a silk camisole, silk bikini panties, mesh pattern hose and high heeled strappy black shoes, which drove both him and my lover wild. When I arrived home I undressed as usual with my slave bound to the bed in front of me begging me to let him loose. I told him I do not make love to slaves and that I needed real men not a chastised wimp. Instead of untying him I stuck my high heeled foot in his face and made him lick it and tell me how much he wanted me and loved me. I slowly undressed all the way in front of him and took off my panties which I stuffed into his mouth and fastened my stocking around his head and mouth so he could not spit them out. I told him the only thing he could have now was a smell and a mouth full of a real man’s cum. I then felt his hard cock and stroked it a few times just to torture him and let him know what he was missing.

I left him still bound for the night and in extreme pain because when his penis gets hard the ring is no longer attached to loose under skin, but to solid skin which causes excruciating pain when hard. I have enclosed another photo of my slave for your publication.


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