Dominant Wife Picks Up Man For Slave And Herself

Dominant Wife Picks Up Man For Slave And Herself

Dear Forced Womanhood,

I married a man who liked to crossdress. At first he looked like a man in drag. I told him if really wanted to be feminine. I would help him. But I told him he’d have to do everything us women have to do. And he’ d have to be my permanent slave.

After two years of your Mammary Plus and other hormone vitamins, his breasts were large enough to get implants. I then also chastised him permanently and told him that seeing as how he can no longer satisfy me I’d have to get my sex elsewhere. Last week while in Vegas I bound him up in the room. I told him I needed a man and was going out to find one. I did, and brought him upstairs to our room. Tom, the man I picked went nearly crazy seeing my beautiful Kevin all bound up on the bed. He asked, ” can I have her?” I figured why not. It was time Kevin learned what it was all about. I watched in awe as Tom pulled his cock out and stuffed it into poor Kevin’s mouth.

It sure turned me on. Kevin worked Tom to complete ecstasy. I jumped on Tom before he could cum and made love to him right in front of poor bound up Kevin. What a great first experience. It turned me on humiliating Kevin like that.

Ms. Kay

This letter was originally published in Forced Womanhood 32

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