YOUR FETISH ZODIAC: What Are You Prone To Get Into?

Many of us are familiar with signs of the zodiac often associated with different personality traits. However, the signs of the zodiac preside over certain parts of the body.

If you are into Kink and Fetish, well, heat it up by finding what are your partners zodiac sign! s you will undoubtedly discover a whole new realm. If you’re one of those who is not sure just what your partners kinks or your own are, discover what your fetish is, based on the zodiac sign.

Each zodiac sign has a specific erogenous zone. When things are heating up, each one knows a couple of obvious places you want to hit. When it comes to erogenous zones your inner wild side shows up, your body is covered in highly sensitive areas you may never have even thought to explore.

But – What is really an erogenous zone?

An erogenous zone is anywhere on the body that has a heightened sensitivity and can elicit a sexual response when stimulated (Jane Greer, Ph.D., a sex and relationship expert.)

Keep on reading and find out about the sign we are now in – Sagittarius.

We give you sneak-peak of the coming 2 signs, stay tune for more to come in our next newsletter.


Sagittarius people don’t necessarily see sexuality as a one-on-one thing, because Sagittarius are adventure-seeking, free-spirited adrenaline junkies. Whatever their relationship is, they like to keep a variety of sexual partners or sexual fetishes. Monotonous is out of question, however, a Centaur’s fetishistic interests might fade at short notice. Sagittarius explore kink thoroughly, and then move on to the next unexplored new fetish, because of their expansive sexual imaginations.

They love trying out new things, even new relationships, making them more likely to engage in polyamory. Sagittarians are the sign most likely be willing to engage in public sex or just show off, but it is about mischievous, so they can also find thrills in sex board games, or just plain white socks.

Sagittarius rules the hips and thighs – the body parts involved in movement, and the archer is the great explorer. Massages to the thighs, hips and upper legs could be the quickest way to turn this sign on. However, anything that gets the most curiosity, the most desire to explore, and the most sense of adventure is fair game. Sagittarius are not scared of dark taboos, and the idea of someone or something so drastically out of their comfort zone can be awfully exciting.


Capricorns are driven and bound to societal rules and traditions outside the bedroom because of their desire to belong. So traditional outside, naughty in bed, playing with taboo fantasies appeals highly to them.

They are strategists, who like to take control of things. Their focus is often on foot. Capricorns love this often-overlooked body part with a single-minded obsession that makes their partners feel adored. Because of the disciplinarian roles they often play in life, Capricorns are naturals on BDSM, they like to dominate or be dominated when not out in the traditional lifestyles.


Aquarians are intellectuals, so dirty talk speaks to their love of the written and spoken word, they flow like water.

There is not a lot that an Aquarian will not try, but most of them have a special corner in their libidos for dirty talk, they love hearing about their partner’s deepest fantasies. They are the most offbeat sign in the zodiac, freaks on the street and freaks in the bed, sexual deviants that can enjoy voyeurism, sadomasochism, and A to Z fetishism.