Internet Surfer Feminized

Internet Surfer Feminized

Dear Forced Womanhood;

It all started on the Internet – one night after one too many beers and I answered an ad from a dominant man seeking, “sissies.” I e-mailed him. The next morning, when I was sober, I found a reply asking me if I was serious.

My little cock immediately sprang to attention and I answered him. I told him that I might be interested in pursuing this fantasy of mine.

So, that weekend I met Sir Peter in a local cafe where it was safe. He and I talked for quite some time, and plied with a few drinks, I opened my heart to him and told him all my dirty little fantasies. Honestly, I don’t remember what happened that night, although I am told that I sluttily sucked my first cock. What I do remember is waking up in my bed the next morning with my toenails painted all my body hair shaved off and a padlock locked securely around my testicles.

I panicked and tried to squeeze my now swollen balls out of the lock but it was too tight. I was so scared that I started to cry. Finally, I begged Sir Peter to come remove the lock from my testicles.

He told me that he would remove the padlock if, and only if, I would dress completely as a woman and allow him to tie me up, blindfold me and willingly let him use me as his sex slave for the evening.

Little did I know, but Sir Peter used my internet connection to contact other men who showed up at my apartment and fucked me throughout that fateful night. All-and-all, six men used me as a sex toy that night and the next morning when I woke I was sore and had cum stains drying all over my body, but I was free of Sir Peter and his damned padlock around my balls.

Two months later and I am now forced to wear panties and pantyhose each day to work. When I arrive home, I am given 15 minutes to shave, get naked or in complete drag and and ready to accept whoever shows up at my apartment. I take three of your vitamins each day, and sleep tied up in bed at night just in case somebody wants to use me in the middle of the night. My body is completely shaven, my toenails painted and my nipples are pierced. Sir Peter tells me that my tiny penis is next.

Thank you,



This letter was originally published in Forced Womanhood 32

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