My forced feminization came about at the hands of a very intelligent and skillful dominatrix. The process was very gradual and methodical and took about 18 months before I found myself totally and irreversibly feminized. Yes, through closely supervised, sometimes hypnotic-like training, I eventually realized that Mistress had taken me beyond the point of no return into womanhood. It was at this point where She became more and more aggressive with my slave and feminization training, knowing that any remaining traces of male ego were gone and that I had finally succumbed to Her overwhelmingly induced sense of womanhood.
This all began on my second visit with Her when I was restrained and blindfolded before having my entire genital area and ass shaved. As She shaved me, She spoke in a soft voice telling me how “useless this hair is, and how it inhibits sensitivity.” When She finished shaving me, She untied one hand and told me to feel the softness of my now smooth genital area. I have to confess that it felt quite sensual; a very different feeling for me. Asking me how it felt, She presented a pair of pink silky panties which She put on me, and instructed me to leave them on for the rest of the day. I was also to wear them on my next visit.
On my next visit I was told to strip down to my panties and sit on a straight kitchen-type chair. After tying my hands behind me Mistress returned with Her shaving cream, razor and a pan of warm water, telling me to sit still while She began shaving my thighs. As She commenced shaving, She spoke very softly, telling me how unsightly this hair was and how it was hiding such soft and smooth womanly thighs. It must have been somewhat emotional for me as I found myself moaning out loud while I watched Her slowly unveil the soft, smooth thighs of a woman, as Mistress continued to encourage acceptance of these “beautiful womanly thighs.” This time after finishing, She presented a pair of silky looking thigh high nylons which She expertly unrolled until they were almost to the top of my thighs.
It was the first time I had ever been introduced to the feel of nylons, and no doubt the feel of sheer nylons against my newly shaved smooth thighs greatly enhances the experience. Mistress placed a portable full-length mirror in front of me, still restrained to the chair, and left the room for about 15 minutes. Staring at the image of me sitting there in panties with my smooth legs in nylons was overwhelming. I began to softly rub my stocking-clad legs together, almost instinctively, as these newly induced feelings of femininity continue to consume me!
Mistress finally returned to the room, smiling as She stared into my eyes, seeing the effect of the prior 15 minutes, sensing the beginning of my total emasculation and the potential of yet another total transformation, and whispering that I “will make a beautiful sissy slut!”
I have since become totally feminized by Her. I no longer own any men’s underwear, only lingerie, and I’m kept in a CB3000. No regrets!


What a wonderful letter about your first experience with feminization! I completely agree with you, stockings and nylons are one of the most exquisitely sensual items of clothing one can enjoy, especially over freshly shaved skin. Just thinking of it makes me shudder…
Please write us again with further details of your feminization at the hands of this wonderful dominatrix, how she has shaped your mind and body, and your experience of life now as a feminized male.


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