Master Vincent

Master Vincent

My blessed Master Vincent has commanded me to write to you and add my name and story to those slaves who have written you over the years; letters that have helped so many Mistresses and Masters with the inspiration they needed to fulfill their dreams of having a slave of their very own.
I had been renting a room in the home of a doctor for nearly a year when I accidentally discovered he was into bondage, homo and bisexuality, and most of all, she-males and transsexuals. I went into a building on the back of his property looking for him one day and what I found was a room filled with videotapes, magazines (including yours of course), newspapers, and decorated with abstracts of women with cocks and other bizarre art. The room was beautifully furnished with a big screen TV for viewing his many videos.
I had heard about all this before but never had seen so much that was so graphic. What I did not know is that I was being watched from a loft I didn’t know existed. As I looked through some of the magazines, partly in shock and starting to laugh, my landlord burst in, slapping me repeatedly about the face and kicking me over and over as I fell to the floor. He was in a rage, swearing at me and vowing I would never tell anyone what I saw.
As lay there nearly unconscious in pain and fear another man walked in and the doctor and this man took me into the loft. The last thing I remember was getting injected with a sedative and drifting off to sleep. I was later to learn that the other man was the doctor’s attorney and they were bisexual lovers, and they both had been sharing a feminized slave.
When I began to wake up I realized my body was almost completely covered in a latex bodysuit with my head in a discipline helmet. I was bound to a doctor’s exam table, feet and legs tied tightly together, my hands and arms fixed tightly next to my body. Across my neck was a collar which prevented me from lifting my head. ln my mouth was a ball gag, making it impossible to talk and difficult to breathe.
As I lay in terror the doctor told me I would never leave and unless I agreed to his terms I would remain forever bound where I lay. As I tried to talk he put his hand over the gag and laughed. My cock and balls were exposed and I felt him push a catheter into my penis and told me that I would urinate into it and that there was a slit at my asshole to allow me to perform my other bodily function. Next he put needles into my wrist and told me that until I agree to obey, I would survive on intravenous fluids. With that I was blindfolded and my ears blocked and I went through virtual total sensory deprivation. I could feel my intravenous feedings and when I relived myself, but nothing more.
I was getting delirious and the darkness and silence was driving me insane, but still, when he would allow me to hear and ask if I would obey he would get only one grunt. He told me one grunt was “no” and two was “yes.” Much of what happened after that I had to copy from the journal he kept of all this because I became incapable of cohesive thought as I remained bound and deprived.
My stubbornness held out, I am told, for nearly three weeks of this brutal torture before I grunted twice, indicating I was prepared to follow his orders. I could barely stand when it was over and smelled horrid after weeks in latex. lt was so good to have the catheter out and feel air on my skin again. I was told I would address the doctor from now on as Master Vincent and obey all commands without question or return to total extreme bondage again.
Once I could walk again, though very unsteadily, I was put on a scale and found I had lost 30 pounds in my ordeal and was now just about 120 pounds. I felt weak and vulnerable, just as Master Vincent wanted. I was ordered to take a bath and join Master in the chamber where I had been for weeks. When I came out of the bath there was just a pair of pink panties and a satin bathrobe, also pink, hanging on the back of the door, which Master said were for me. When I went back to the chamber Master Vincent was there with his lawyer and a woman (actually his feminized slave), who was also his personal secretary. Both looked me over from head to toe, smiling and nodding their approval to Master Vincent.
I was told I would address him as Master Steven and her as Roxanne. He told me that her name was Roxanne S. Cox, and with that Roxanne curtseyed and kissed me. We went to the office of my Master and I was told to sign a piece of paper that would surrender all my legal rights if I should at some point decide I want them to stop what they are doing to me. With my signature I was legally bound now to Master Vincent.
I quickly became the subject of the doctor’s bizarre experiment in sexuality. I was permitted only to wear panties, satin robes, and slippers. I was forbidden to use male fragrance aftershave and was kept in an aroma of fine perfume. The goal of the experiment was to, if possible, change my sexuality and desires. Several times each night, and all day on Master Vincent’s off days, I was shown videos and photos of very sexy women. When my cock began to rise, which it always did, electrodes connected to my cock, balls, and nipples would jolt me repeatedly and very painfully. When I was shown videos and photos of men, gay men engaged in oral sex or intercourse, Master Vincent would grab my cock and stroke it into hardness and eventually climax, collecting all the cum that would explode. As my reaction to the beautiful women dissipated and Master Vincent noticed that I was becoming aroused by the male images he began to take my cum, which he had preserved, and began putting some under my nose as I prepared to climax. Eventually these sessions had him sliding a dildo into my ass and one into my mouth, both with devices that could squirt the warmed cum into me, bottom and mouth. Finally, no matter what I tried, I could not become erect at the vision of beautiful women and I began to have dreams that I was gay.
About six months into the experiment Master Vincent summoned me to his room where I found him lying naked on the bed watching one of his most graphic gay videos. He approached me and slid my panties down and began stroking my cock, balls, ass, and nipples. In moments I had been seduced and instinctively fell to my knees and took his ample cock into my mouth and sucked him to climax, bursting into my mouth, and me loving every second of it.
Master Vincent set me up with a therapist, the one Roxanne had gone to I was told. Master Vincent went with me the first few times during the analysis. I was told that I had strong transsexual tendencies and was recommended for hormone therapy and told to live always as a woman and see how I do.
Master Vincent was so happy and bought me lingerie, dresses, skirts, blouses, garterbelts, nylons, pantyhose, high heels, makeup, perfume, and jewelry. He took me to have my ears pierced and my life as a woman and his feminized slave was underway.
When it came time for my name, Master Steven and Roxanne were there when the papers were signed. My name is Philistia S. Cox. I am not only Master Vincent’s slave and also slave to Master Steven, but I am Roxanne’s sister. Coincidently, as women, we do bear somewhat of a resemblance.
Once the hormones began to affect my body–making my breasts blossom, skin softer, waist slimmer and hips broaden–I was enrolled in a sissy maid and charm school. I was there for six months, along with a dozen other “Males”, in class from 8 am until 8 pm, with only a brief time for a very light lunch and nap. There I was taught all about how to dress, do makeup, to act and move like a girl, and to act like a sissy. (The S. in my and Roxanne’s middle name is for Sissy!) I was taught to properly curtsey, how to speak in a feminine voice, how to care for my Master, to take care of his home, his needs, and learned how to cook, to sew, to knit, to iron and to perform all the domestic duties which are now expected of me.
Since my return I have tried to be the perfect housewife and lover for my wonderful and intelligent Master Vincent. I love making him happy; making him the total desire I have in my life. The most magnificent nights are those when we can share and be with Master Steven and Roxanne. Some nights it is me and Master Vincent, some it is me and Master Steven, and on the nights when it is Master Steven and Master Vincent, Roxanne and I make our Masters very happy with our performance.
We spend many hours in the very room where I once found Master Vincent’s secret, now with this letter I feel some closeness to all the other girls, Masters, and Mistresses who have written to you and who are now forever devoted readers and devoted to the femininity to which we have been privileged to achieve.
My deepest thanks,

Philistia Sissy Cox

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