Mistress Missy and Her Mummy Slave

Mistress Missy and Her Mummy Slave

Dear Forced Womanhood,

The taut mummy wrapped torso helplessly writhed about on the motel room floor amid uncontrollable sobs and intense groans. Then another vicious flurry of strikes from the leather crop rained down upon the petite young coed’s supine form.
The college freshman’s cries were muted by a thick rag jammed deeply into her mouth, which was held open by two pieces of hard shaped rubber. Each was pushed into the far corner of her mouth, holding her teethe apart and jaw half open. Leaving her facial pussy open and totally vulnerable to the stunning TV Mistress’ passions and desires.
The assault suddenly ended as quickly as it began, then the tall leggy latex clad beauty stepped over the helpless girl and began sensuously kneading her crotch. To the uninformed eye, this scenario would appear to be a heinous act, but the captive’s thighs squeezed tightly together and she shuddered to climax, revealing even more intense passions that were flowing deep beneath her surface anguish.
“It’s time to consummate our first session together,” Mistress Missy lustfully whispered, pulling the latex higher. A thick perfectly formed cock began to swell and push out from under the latex material. It’s head was throbbing and oozing with anticipation.
Missy slowly knelt over the slave’s upturned face and removed the rag. She sat down over her mouth, letting her obediently lick the nut sack.
“Yes, lick it and make me hard!” Missy exclaimed.
Then very deliberately, Missy began to feed the rigid phallus down into the slave’s open mouth. The latex clad beauty let out a passion grunt, and a long contented sigh as moist rhythmic suckles sounded.
Missy thrust half of the throbbing cock deep into the pleasingly tight pocket of slick oral membrane, ramming the bulbous head of flesh against the back of her mouth. Then withdrew it almost to the head before hunching forward again.
The slave sucked hard on the cock and slathered it with her tongue, sending delightful sensations coursing through her captors loins. Stimulation that only a talented, well trained mouth can give. In time, the sultry transgender beauty was aggressively fucking the prisoners face towards one explosive orgasm.
“Deeper! Harder!” Missy breathlessly commanded. Gripping the girl’s head with both hands pulling it closer as the hunches grew faster. Instinctively driven to bury the seed rod to the hilt as one tremendous climax welled up from deep within their loins. “Now throat it!”
“Oh shit, yes!” Missy snarled out as the cock head bent and was swallowed down like a baby bird devouring a worm. The slave’s face sank hard into Missy’s crotch and muzzled it. Her slender neck swelled as the entire orgasm was sheathed in the warm moist sleeve of her mouth and throat.
Missy’s thighs clamped tightly shut around the slave’s head trapping it in place. Then the gorgeous domina’s pelvis began to violently thrust in short bucks. Strangled groans of pleasure spilled from Missy’s pursed ruby red lips, feeling a surging mass of passion bubbling up from deep within her loins.
Missy staved off the climax, relishing their intense pre-orgasmic plateau until the slave girl began to apprehensively shift and shudder to one thunderous climax. Bending and twisting to the delightful sensation of their prostate spasms, pumping the slave’s gullet full of sticky white gobs of cum.
Missy held the slave until every last drop of pleasure was sucked from her balls. Then, she rose off the girl’s face and pushed it away like a discarded condom.
“You’ll have to do much better than that, if you plan on coming back and ever serving me again!” Missy curtly spoke to the wheezing slave.
The girl panted for a time, stopped, then swallowed one glob of semen on her tongue.
“Yes, Mistress,” she replied.

Mistress Missy

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