My Master Loves My Asshole

My Master Loves My Asshole

Dear Forced Womanhood,

Growing up I would masturbate with a washcloth in my ass. I couldn’t get off without it. I had to keep it a secret because I felt guilty for being a pervert. When you grow up in a conservative family like I did, you never talked about sex let alone anything remotely exciting.

I thought I was gay because I didn’t know any better. I would secretly make out with both guys and girls in High School but I never went all the way. Then I met Genevieve. It was the summer after I graduated and I was preparing for college. This girl could stimulate my prostate with her tongue so well I would explode in a matter of minutes. I thought to myself if a woman could get me off, maybe I wasn’t gay after all.

She would make me beg her to lick my ass-pussy. I thought that was a strange way to describe my asshole, but I was too turned on to care. We spent the whole summer together and when it ended I was off to college and a new life.

Living out of state gave me new freedom to explore my sexual appetites. I could truly find myself. I actually dated and had sex with quite a few women my first year. I’m ashamed to say that I was quite promiscuous and never really respected any relationship I had.

One day my girlfriend at the time suggested we have a threesome with another guy. I was a bit surprised because she was the missionary-only-type. Having an open mind and my own history with boys I figured how bad could it be. But I did ask her who the guy was and what made her want to do this.

She smiled and said she met him through a correspondence in a magazine. It was 2006 and I didn’t realize people still met through personal ads in magazines. After a few more questions she seemed short with her answers and I knew she was getting annoyed. The last thing I enjoy is confrontation. So I stopped with the questions.

Later that night I was laying in bed imagining my girlfriend getting fucked by another guy while I fucked her mouth. I started stroking my hard rod. My other hand slid down to my asshole. My middle finger sliding around my sphincter. It was really wet. It had not felt that way since Genevieve. My mind wandered to this mystery guy and how I really wanted him to fuck me. These thoughts were new and as I finger fucked my ass with more and more fingers all I wanted was to be filled with his cock. I haven’t came that hard in years.

I couldn’t stop thinking about this and I called my girlfriend and told her I wanted to do it tomorrow. We talked about how excited we were about this and masturbated to a mutual climax. Something we never did before together, let alone on the phone.

The night arrived and my girl suggested I should be bound up. She pulled out some bondage cuffs and hogtied me. I was amazed at how quickly she had me restrained. She said I was in for a treat. My cock was throbbing with anticipation.

It was dark and a shadow appeared. He undressed my lover and she got down on her knees and sucked his massive man meat. It turned me on. I wanted his cock in my ass. He walked over to me and came on my face. I lapped his schlong clean.

“Do you like sucking that cock, young lady?”, said my girlfriend. She seemed appalled and the lady comment bothered me.

“How can I trust you anymore. Your dick doesn’t lie. I’m going to keep it locked up from now on.”

And with that her and the mystery guy rolled me over. She sat on my face as I licked her pussy and asshole. I couldn’t see anything and I thought this was her fantasy. She was stroking and sucking my hard shaft. I felt a finger enter my ass.

“His asshole is really wet,” said the man.

“Then you should fuck it. Fuck it hard, Donald. Show this bitch what she can expect from now on.”

As he entered my ass, I came. It was so much I could feel it dripping from both sides of my body. My extreme pleasure was followed with pain. I felt a a cold metal ring encasing my still hard boner and a strap of some kind separating my balls. I tried to get up but my girlfriend and Donald had me pinned and his big dick was still in my ass. He was still fucking me!

My girl got up and Donald flipped me over in a bound up doggie style. He was smacking my ass and pounding it hard. I could feel my sphincter go into spasms like a female orgasm. He pulled me hard towards him and filled my hole with hot cum. I couldn’t stop shaking from my ass orgasm.

“See, you are a girl. You fuck like a girl. You come like a girl. Your cock is chastised and we will make you a girl. I started feeding you vitamin hormones over a month ago. When your titties are big enough, you will get implants. Donald likes big titties too.”

Surprisingly, I wanted to do that. I could not imagine any better pleasure then getting my ass filled. After all those years, I am still with Donald and he commands me to get his cock wet for my ass-pussy. I love it.

Famous Anus

This letter was originally published in Forced Womanhood 66