Our Tips to Better Nude Pics

You’ve probably taken a nude selfie, which you might not totally love! Most of the times is not that you don´t like your body, it is probably because you didn´t do it the right way. One of the interesting side effects of self-isolation and spending more time by yourself is that you have more time to do things you normally procrastinate, among those, taking great self-nude selfies!

Perhaps just response to anxiety, a desire for human contact and intimacy, either with yourself or with others. Ever since the Renaissance, nudity officially became art, our bodies after all are that, pieces of art. So yes, nude pics have an erotic, sexual and fetish component, which is not to say that it is for us to exalt and admire, not the contrary.

We share our best advice on how to take a great nude.

Set the scene. Props and music

A big turn-off is a nude selfie that is drop-dead sexy with a big pile of dirty laundry, a messy bed, children´s toys or pets, you get the idea! However, you might what to include candles, healthy plants, clean minimalist furniture, exposed brick, attractive bed lining, think a spa or a luxurious beach villa. This is assuming you are indoors. If you are more of the adventurous outdoors person, think of your idea of Paradise – natural is the best match, after all that is what you are showing.

Finally, obviously you are taking photos, not making a video, however, play background music that makes you feel confident, sexy, beautiful, bold, and uninhibited.

The power of light

Set your light source up so it comes from an angle, use two different light sources for further fine-tuning and get shadows where you want them. Use a warm light, white light is not sexy, it is almost clinical-looking. As counterintuitive as you might think, you want to take your sexy pics during the day, natural light plus artificial light makes wonders.

Find an angle, do as professional models do

Professional models set their sight on a focal point, your eyes need to look fixed to something, if it is not the camera lens (staring at the camera), then find an object in the distance. Once you find that focal point, “interact with it” as “look at me! I am sexy, I am desirable”.

Highlight your favorite feature.

Guess what? Your best pose or body part is when you just show a section, without showing any of your sexy spots fully. This is if you want to look dark, erotic. If on the other hand, you want to be explicit, remember the gold rule, you should always be in control!

Sexy is mysterious

Sunglasses transformation, not-so-nude nude pics!

Your attitude can completely change when you are literally behind sunglasses. If you don´t want to fully show your face, sunglasses and playing with shades is surely the safest but most sensuous way to take a nude selfie. And then again, mystery, the best nude pics, sometimes are those where you show enough, but leave something else to be discovered.

Emphasize movement

Your pose can look static or dynamic. Either way you would always be still, what gives the sense of movement is actually shown through the placement of hands, legs and feet. Positioning them outward and one in front of another gives a feeling of walking.

Shooting your pic from the ground can also make you look much longer, thinner, taller, sexier.

Appreciate your own body, some poses to look hot!

If you choose to look static, we share some tips of how anyone can look hot, sexy, mischievous, mysterious, erotic! Your choice show your face or just highlight one section of your body. Don’t be too critical of yourself, this should be fun!

  1. Hand in chin: place your hand as if you would be “holding” your face.
  2. Upward looking, arms raised up: look upward, set a focal point, raise your arms behind your head.
  3. Over the shoulder: a profile side, your head over your shoulder, your hair in a “casual way”; your eyes on a distant focal point, no smile, lips slightly open (as if you are about to say something).
  4. Hands on hips: standing, laying down, this is a classic that never fails.
  5. Lean on something: either a wall, a chair, a tree! One arm raised up (the one you are using to lean), the other hand on a hip of slightly around your belly, your eyes looking to a focal point.
  6. Back bend: you don´t have to be a gymnast or a yoga expert, just stretch a little backwards, standing or on a surface, feel free and open
  7. Cross-legs seated pose: on a chair, on the floor, one leg on top of the other, many variations, you can place one hand on a knee, let your face look the other way, as ignoring the camera, almost like a tantrum!
  8. Booty exposed: lay fat on your stomach either on the bed or the floor. Lift your hips up to get an over-the-shoulder view of your butt.