Reader Cums In Panties Over Art Work

Reader Cums In Panties Over Art Work

Dear Forced Womanhood:

I love your magazines very, very much. Your stories are the best; I read them over and over. I wish it were me.

In your Forced Womanhood Special Edition 2006 the girl on page 38 turned me on when she made a guy suck her dildo and the image on page 39 made me cum in my panties. I would have loved to drink her wonderful pee. Both women look very beautiful and powerful, and all men should be on their knees. Women are 1st class; men are just slaves. Please tell me about electric nipple and tit enlargers in Forced Womanhood special edition. I love pages 34 & 35 and wish it was me. Also in Enslaved Sissies special edition 2006 pages 16-19 were great! Men need to be spanked! Once again I cum in my panties without touching myself. I know I’m a poor writer but I hope you read this letter. I’m a lowly male, 55 years old living by myself. My wife has left (finally); it has been a year and no love was made. She always said she had an infection or was sore, etc. She told me she was having sex with another man. It kind of turned me on. She made me wear panties when she told me this too! Now that’s all I wear as I read the magazines. How do all these men find these women? I live in a small community but I would love to find a Mistress!! Please write and tell me; if you answer in one of your magazines I might miss it.

My Mistress can do anything she wants; I will only obey. She would own me. (Looking and reading your magazine I am going to cum again.) Do you know any Mistresses that want a sissy slave? (Oh no, my panties are wet again! Love your magazine!)

Jerry H.

105A N Walnut St

McArthur, OH




I am responding in the magazine (as well as writing to you personally) as it may be the best way to find a Mistress or at least others in your area that are interested in publications such as ours. In this day and age the best way to connect with others in the kink scene is definitely online but I realize this is not always possible for everyone. I think you need to keep doing what you are doing, writing to publications such as ours to get the word out to the community. I am sure there are other adult oriented magazines that would have advertisements or personals sections as well, though I cannot speak to how effective this method is. Keep a positive attitude and keep putting yourself out there, many people share your affinity for sissy slaves!

Best of luck,


This letter was originally published in Forced Womanhood 66