To help guide me back to the truck, Bill placed his hand on my butt. “I’m glad you’re going to be a woman. Your cute little ass feels so damn good,” he said as he began to squeeze my rump.

I jumped forward when Bill slid his hand up under the back of my blue denim dress and began rubbing my ass cheeks. Trying to keep my dress down was next to impossible, as Bill seemed to be taking pleasure in showing off my white lace panties and feminine shaped ass. Quickening my step, I thought that maybe I could run and hide inside the pick-up truck. (Again, I wasn’t allowed to sit next to the door, as Bill climbed in behind me and the Misses scooted over into the driver’s position.)
Sitting down, I discovered that Bill had secretly slipped his hand underneath me. Before I could react, he groped my crotch with one hand and was massaged my smooth, nylon-clad legs with the other. (Why does it feel like your dress is so much shorter when you sit down?) I tried to pull my dress down, but Bill grabbed some of the material near my side and pulled it back up. Next he ordered me to raise my hips off the seat and slowly pull my dress up over my waist.
“Baby, I just love it! It’s exciting to think about how your body is changing and becoming truly feminine. Soon you’ll have a new female identity that will match your feminine personality and appearance,” he whispered in my ear, his hot breath simultaneously repulsive and erotic.
When my dress was well above my panties Bill ordered me to sit back down. “You like your soft satin panties, don’t you Michelle?” Bill asked as he drew circles on the front panel. His finger was tugging at the hem of the panties when he asked about the prescription for female hormones.
“Aren’t there any secrets around this place?” I screamed. “How did you find out?”
“I wasn’t sure,” Bill replied. “But we agreed that if he got a blow job – you’d get a prescription for the female hormones.”
Retrieving the prescription from my purse, I throw it a Bill. “Take it,” I screamed. “I don’t want the damn thing anyway.”
“Honey child, you’re goin’ to need those pills to help you with your female problems,” the Misses replied.
“I don’t have FEMALE PROBLEMS,” I yelled.
“Michelle, you’ll have ‘Female Problems’ long before we get done with you. Count on it!” the Misses boldly stated.
“Then why are you acting like you’ve got PMS?” Bill butted in while shaking my keys, a reminder that even if I were to give the two of them the slip I would never escape the desert without my car.
“Michelle, darling, we’re trying to help you,” the Misses said. “We know that you’re anxious and can’t wait. But please be patient with us – we’re expediting everything we can.”
“Are we going to have any lunch today?” I asked, hoping that maybe I could change the subject of conversation.
The Misses stomped on the brakes and the truck came to a dead stop in front of a local bar and grill. I knew then that maybe I shouldn’t have said anything. This could be a real nightmare, I thought to myself. A guy wearing a dress – going into what could be a biker bar. Again I found myself in a potentially frightening situation as I was hauled towards this establishment. And an all-out fight would surely draw some unwanted attention.
As we entered the place, we got the usual stares. Luckily it wasn’t crowded. There were only two guys seated at the bar, talking to the bartender and a waitress. It was the waitress who approached us and asked if we were going to sit at the bar or if we wanted a table.
“A table in the back would be nice,” the Misses replied.
Returning with the menus, the waitress smiled when she overheard the Misses talking about sexy lingerie. Lifting up the shopping bag, the Misses stuck her hand inside and pulled out a pair of white lace panties.
“What do you think? Cute – Huh?” she asked. The waitress agreed, turned and asked the guys at the bar what they thought.
“Yea! Why don’t you have your daughter model them for us,” they joking yelled.
“You’ll have to ask her. She’s wearing a pair just like them. Would you boys really like to see her undies?” Misses asked.
Now the guys at the bar began to take a real interest in us. “Stand up and lift up your dress honey. Let’s see your panties,” they laughed. Getting up, they started walking towards us. (And I sank down in my chair.)
“Maybe you guys should know that she’s really a bit shy about showing anyone her silky lace panties,” the Misses said in an effort to cool these guys off.
They ignored her and, grabbing a couple of extra chairs, they sat down with us and asked what else was in the bag. There was total silence for about a minute as I silently begged the Misses to scare the strangers off. Bill, being more composed, ordered hamburgers and beer for everyone.
“Miss, I don’t think I’ve seen you in here before,” the more aggressive guy said. “Oh, my name’s John, and this here is Bob,” he said, probably hoping that the small talk would continue.
Bill introduced himself, his wife, and me as a close friend of the family.
“This close?” John asked as he pulled me against his body and tried to shove a hand up underneath my dress.
When I removed his hand, I never expected him to squeeze mine. Then as I turned to say, “Let go,” John kissed me and put his free hand on my thigh. Even while rubbing my leg, John tried to force his hand between my legs. “Come on baby, let me have a quick feel,” he pleaded. “You can feel me if you want,” John said dropping my hand into his lap.
I needed to escape, and fast. Maybe I could use the old bathroom ploy. When John wouldn’t move, and encouraged his friend to do the same, I knew I’d have to crawl out from underneath the table. (Although it was un-ladylike I just had to get away from John.) Once I was under the table these men began making rude remarks and wouldn’t let me out.
“Baby, while you’re down there, my zipper seems to be stuck. Do you think you could fix it?” someone asked. The laughter continued until I squeezed through the wall of legs, but not without paying a price. Both of these uninvited guests were able to grab a handful of my ass as I cleared the table. “It’s good lookin’, and soft too,” John remarked.
“Safe!” I thought as I entered the women’s restroom, figuring that either these guys would leave or return to their seats at the bar. Closing the door, I found that the lock was just a simple hook and bent nail. “Now all I have to do is wait them out,” I said in an effort to console myself.
Suddenly the door burst open, and the two guys rushed inside. “Bob! Watch the door,” John shouted.
“Ok, bitch! Crank up that dress,” John screamed at me.
Fearing what might happen, I didn’t comply with John’s orders and made an attempt to escape.
Overpowering me, John pushed me down onto the toilet and grabbed my head. “I know you’re a slut, and you’ve probably sucked off dozens of hard cocks. Now you’re going to suck on our big cocks,” John said as he motioned for Bob to come over. “Hold the bitch down, so I can drop my pants and feed her my big cock.”
“Open up your mouth wide bitch,” John ordered as he unzipped his pants and stepped in front of me. “You’re going to suck my cock until it’s hard, then I’m going to rip off your soaking wet panties and the two of us are going to fuck you at the same time. One of us will be shoving his hard cock up your ass while the other is dipping his huge erection in your moist pussy.”
After the main perpetrator had lowered his shorts, I could see that he didn’t have a huge cock, but his soft cock was still a pleasing sight.
“Can I take my dress off?” I asked, hoping that maybe in that few moments someone might rescue me. “I would like to try and keep my dress clean, if you don’t mind!” (I knew that these guys wouldn’t stop until either they were completely satisfied; or they were forced to leave by my so-called friends.)
Removing my dress did provide me with a chance to assess the situation. Bob was guarding the door, and likewise had his pants open and was masturbating his soft cock. As I reached for the zipper (located in the back of my dress), John offered some assistance – which I accepted.
As I stepped out of my dress John turned to see what I was looking at. “Take it easy! You want to get a blow job from this Bitch, don’t ya?” he asked. Fortunately there was a hook on the wall, where John was able hang up my dress.
John stuck his hands down into my bra; he must have been expecting to feel some real boobs but found the falsies instead. Removing the falsies, “Hon, your tits aren’t very big huh?” John said as he fondled the tits I did have.
When John began to pull my slip up, I fell back down onto the toilet and quickly took his soft cock into my mouth it an effort to divert his attention. (If I could please these two men without revealing my true self – maybe I could walk out of this bar on my own two feet.)
Soon John’s moaning was quite loud as he manipulated his cock between my lips. But that wasn’t enough so he took ahold of my head and began to force every inch of his long cock down my throat. Excitedly, Bob came over to get a better view. Standing over to one side of me, he extended his hand and began to massage my shoulders. Then somehow Bob slipped in behind me, stood there and began caressing my back.
I’m not sure why Bob grabbed John ass, but using his hands Bob added extra power to each of John’s thrusts as he drove his thick cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. Pulling his cock all the way out, John ordered me to lick his hard cock. “Baby, do you want my slippery cum in your mouth? Or up your ass? I’ll bet you’d love to feel my warm cum covering most of your tongue,” John said.
I didn’t have any time to answer because he put his erect cock back up to my lips and slowly began to push his penis forward. When all of his big cock was inside my mouth, “Baby, do you like hard cocks stuffed inside your mouth.”
After a few seconds of pressing his stiff cock inside all the way to his balls, John began to pump his rigid cock back and forth over my lips. Shortly thereafter, he accelerated the pace. The fast moving cock was rhythmically sinking deeper as John edged closer to his climax. “Oh baby, your lips feel so good. I don’t wanna stop.”
I was gagging, but John seemed like he didn’t care – he wasn’t going to quit until he had delivered his hot load of sticky cum into the back of my throat.
“Here it comes, baby,” John gasped as he gradually slowed the thrusting of his huge cock. I heard a sigh of relief and then felt his slippery cum oozing into my mouth. I expected John to pause and then withdraw his stiffy, but instead John continued to shove his hard cock into my mouth for a few seconds more.
I hadn’t noticed that my slip had ridden up my body – but John saw my hard cock hiding beneath my panties and jumped back away from me screaming “Damn! That bitch is a guy!”
“I don’t care!” Bob said, pushing John aside. “You seemed to enjoy your blow job – now I’m going to get mine!”
“Damn it, Bob! She’s probably got a bigger cock then both of us,” John screamed pointing down at my groin.
Moving in front of me, “OK Sissy, pull your cute little panties down – or I’ll knock you out!” Bob said with a clenched fist aimed in my direction. With no real other choice, I complied with his request. I stepped out of my satin panties and handed them over.
Grabbing my hard cock, “What the hell are you?” John screamed.
During the confusion Bob had lost his erection – but he didn’t seem to care as he motioned for me to get on my knees in front of him. “Baby doll, I’m going to enjoy this blow job – knowing that I’m fucking the mouth of some future wanna-be bitch.”
John sat down on the toilet and shook his head in disbelief.
“Spread your legs apart, bitch. I want a good look at you,” Bob demanded. “Now play with yourself.”
“Your hamburger is getting cold,” a voice yelled through the door. (Now I knew that my friends were aware of my situation.)
John was staring at us when I seized Bob’s cock and began to lick it. “Lick my balls too bitch!” Bob moaned. After moistening Bob’s cock and balls I began to ingest his soft cock.
Bob seemed to be working against me, as he frequently stopped and told me how to lick his thick cock. (Still it was easy to suck on Bob’s soft penis – and I wanted him to come as quickly as possible so I could leave.) As my lips moved over this second cock, it began to respond. Now semi-hard, Bob was able to maneuver his cock into my mouth without any of my help. Bob’s cock grew longer in length – but not much bigger in girth, as he propelled it into deep into my mouth.
Surprisingly Bob began to sing, “It’s not how long you make it – It’s how you make it long!” Of course he was probably singing about his own cock because it was now hard and ready to enjoy the sensations it would soon receive.
Bob smiled and waved John over so he could watch the door. Next he dropped his hand down inside my lacy slip, and began to caress my small tits. “I wonder why she doesn’t have big breasts,” he said laughing.
John cracked open the door, “I’ll be just outside,” he said as he slipped through the opening.
Seizing an opportunity, Bob held my head in his groin as he turned and sat down on the toilet. Now able to relax, Bob concentrated on enjoying his blow job. Thus each time my head came up, he would push it back down (sometimes too far). Making a more determined effort, I closed my lips around this stiff cock and created a steady rhythmic pumping action. Raising off the toilet, Bob began to force his hard cock further down my throat; while at the same time pressing my face down into his groin.
After completely standing up, Bob grabbed my head and began a series of short thrusts. He wasn’t saying much more than “AHHH”. I knew what to expect – but not when. It was after a few more short quick thrusts that Bob stopped and drove his thick cock fully inside my mouth. (I sensed that he was about to cum.) And sure enough he pulled out his cock and began to beat his meat. I tried to lick and suck on his stiff cock as he pumped his erection towards my mouth. Then seconds before cumming, Bob shoved his solid prick between my lips and sprayed his warm semen all over the inside of my mouth.
Withdrawing his penis, Bob ordered me to clean off his softening cock. (Which of course I did.)
“You whore,” Bob screamed as he pushed me back onto the sticky floor and prepared to leave. The stench was very familiar – it was the odor of male urine. In response to his shoving me to floor – I gave him the finger.
Bob only laughed as said “I just did. Bitch.”

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