Dear Forced Womanhood,

My name is Sophie. I am French and live in Burgundy, a beautiful region known internationally for its wines. I love to disguise myself and greatly enjoy bondage. It started, like many others I think, looking at a comic strip of John Willie and his adventurer, the famous Gwendoline.

As a tranny in general I meet with kinky friends who, like me, love fetish fun, bondage and kinky fun play!! Most often we spend a week with each other from morning to evening acting and living out our fetishes and fantasies.

My wish would be to meet and live with a bondage loving Mistress in the same area as me to practice my fantasies more often. My dream would be to reproduce any scene of the fabulous Gwendoline and make myself a small personal album.

If there are people like me, who love bondage, I’d be happy to meet them. In the meantime I am planning new adventures as I just purchased more than a few new latex outfits that I fancied.

Now every year here we have more than a few special weekends where we get all dolled up in our finest kink outfits and hit the streets of gay Paris! And this is a great opportunity to meet and kink friends old and new.

I have been an avid and longtime reader of your fetish-fastic publications and I am hoping that you will like my photos enough to feature them in one of your magazines. And here is a special invite to your readers to check out my page on FetLife where they will find hundreds of fun kinko-bondo photos of me and my friends.

Au revoir,


This letter was originally published in Forced Womanhood 68