The Last Orgasm

The Last Orgasm

Bound and collared sissy sucks purple strap-on

Helplessly bound sissy sucks the strap-on clean

“Your ‘brain’ looks good in those mesh panties, ” Andrea said as she knelt down for a closer inspection and ran her tongue around the head of my limp penis.
She was testing the hormones she had been giving me for months now. They claimed to stop wandering, cheating erections.
“Your panties are soaking wet, should I relieve you?”
“Yes, please, I need release.”
It was a horrible mistake to suggest any pleasure from a woman who I repeatedly emotionally abused and refused to satisfy in our ten years of marriage.
“Oh really? Do you think you deserve it?”
She gave me that chance to save myself, but I hadn’t come for so long that my limp horny dick was speaking for me.
“Yes, please, Andrea. I need to be inside you. I’m sorry for what I did…. I need your precious lips swollen around me. I need you. I’ve always needed you.”
I had manipulated her for so long that it was natural for me to speak this way. When you need something you say whatever you can to get what you want. She knows it’s bullshit now and I have been paying the price.
“Aren’t you tired of being tied to this bed all the time? Aren’t your legs numb by now? You couldn’t even move if I untied you, loser.”
Unfortunately she was right. I’ve been blindfolded on my back, legs spread with my ankles strapped and suspended for a while now. I lost track of time. My ass was floating off the end of the bed. I knew what was coming… And it definitely wasn’t me.
I could hear her heels clicking on the wood floors as she went to her chest of devices. It was a daily ritual now and I could almost guess from the sounds what she was pulling out.
She would tease me at times.
Stirring around, jiggling and jangling.
A slow heavy slide from the bottom of the chest echoed as she pulled out one of my biggest fears.
She knew that I knew, but had to emphasize it by smacking it against the old wood chest.
“I know you miss Dig Dug.”
I really didn’t.
“I hope your ass is getting wet in anticipation.”
It actually was because Dig Dug was a 10″ hollow strap-on I used to use to fuck my random bitches. I was very familiar with it. Andrea found it one day in the secret compartment of my car. She was tipped off by one of my assistants that I had fucked and fired. Never trust an assistant. More importantly, if your ex-wife has you tied up and regularly fucks you with a strap on with no lube, your asshole better learn to self-lubricate.
“How many?”
She was asking about how many women I fucked with Dig Dug.
“How many?”
She was asking about the inches I wanted.
“You know you get it all, assistant fucker.”
“I’ve never taken…”
Interrupted and slapped. Somehow she managed to put a ball gag on me in those few seconds. I must be exhausted. The taste of the gag activates my saliva. She’s been training me on silicone.
“I can’t stand your fucking voice. You make me sick. Suck on that… Like all those fake titties you were fucking.”
She does have a sense of humor about all of this. I can appreciate that.
“You think this is funny? Stop smiling. I will get all of this in you.”
She rotates her thumb around my asshole.
“I don’t know if this is punishment or pleasure for you.”
The tip of Dig Dug is upon me. I feel the massive head applying pressure to my most intimate area.
The tease is over.
Andrea grabs my levitated hips and pulls me towards her massive cock and fills me.
The bed shakes and I scream through the ball gag. She is in. Pussy deep. I shudder from the pain and realize that I enjoy it. She keeps it there. She turns on the vibrator. Slightly shifting. She wants to please herself and me at the same time. Slowly she pulls a little out. A little in. I’m not being punished tonight. She wants to share an orgasm with me.
I can feel her move her hips and rub her clit against the edge of the hollow shaft. I remember the joy that it brought me.
The strap around my balls.
“Do you like all those pussies you fucked in your asshole?”
She moves her hips up and down a little to please herself and I’m taking full advantage of her not punishing me. My ass burns, but the deep penetration has found places I never knew existed. My balls always aching and they are ready to explode. That big dildo is slowly building up to an intensity I’ve never felt.
Watching Andrea coming, twitching with my asshole filled by her movements.
She actually starts stroking my dick.
The vibrations embrace her and she rolls back, shoving and stroking my now hard cock. She’s a demon in red fucking me while fucking herself.
She goes deep inside me and I release all over myself.
WPFW70_06FShe pulls out and yanks my ball gag down. Then she makes me suck Dig Dug, but not before rubbing it in my cum.
“Do you like the taste of that?”
I nod yes. When you have waited as long as I have for release you will do anything. My asshole and cum tasted delicious.
“Your will is weak and it always has been. Your dick runs your life and it makes me sad. I will run your life now and forever. Pleasing you will never happen again and you better get used to the fact that you will be tasting other cock from my pussy.”

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