Toilet Slave

Toilet Slave

Dear Forced Womanhood,
My wife commanded me to write and share the tale of our wedding. I had to wear a pink strapless mini-dress with matching strapless bra and thong panties. She had me top it off with stockings, garter belt, and a manicure of pale pink glitter. To keep me feeling as feminine as possible my wife requires me to wear a tampon in my pussy ass 24/7, sometimes allowing the women at the beauty shop to pick the size according to how “heavy my flow” might be at the time.
At the wedding my wife wore a gorgeous black designer suit that consisted of a close fitting jacket and high-waisted tuxedo style shorts, both of which hugged her voluptuous curves. Her powerful legs were encased in black fishnet stockings held up by a garter belt that peeked out from underneath the shorts in the most provocative way.
The wedding party included six dykes as bridesmaids (all wearing 10” strap-ons) and six go-go dancer studs as groomsmen. I didn’t know any of them and was unaware that I was to be left as their plaything for the “honeymoon.” After the ceremony my wife left to take a two week vacation, and she went without me! Before leaving she fitted me with a chastity cage and handed the keys over to the most beautiful dyke mistress bridesmaid, whispering something in her ear that made the Mistress laugh cruelly.
I spent my wedding night with a 10” dildo up my ass while lying under a potty chair in the mistress’s dungeon while the rest of the wedding party drank champagne and ate cake. For three days and nights I was kept in strict bondage while receiving various punishments from the bridesmaids and groomsmen. They allowed me some freedom at times in order to clean up after parties, do the cooking, and suck the cocks of the men that came through the dungeon all day and night. My wife had sent a video of her and a handsome stud she went to Las Vegas with for “our” honeymoon. I was forced to watch her getting fucked by him for hours on end while they both talked about her “pansy-ass sissy husband” who could never be man enough to satisfy her needs.
When the honeymoon finally ended and my wife returned to town I became a slave to the beauty shop owned by the dyke mistresses. They love to play games with me; their favorite is to hook my cock to a bowling ball, put me in 6” heels and watch me work at the shop. Teetering around the slippery floor in stilettos is hard enough but to do so while a bowling ball swings between my legs is nearly impossible. They howl with laughter at how long it takes me to sweep the floor and collapse in hysterics if I move too quickly and fall down. This, of course, only results in a vicious caning as punishment for my lack of balance.
So, I am now the wife and am married to a 10” black dildo which is shoved into my ass every morning and strapped in tight. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays I am taken out to work as a toilet slave at the ladies tennis club. These wealthy and bored housewives take particular delight in verbally abusing and humiliating me, treating me the way they wish they could their own self-centered and philandering husbands. On Saturdays I am taken to a gay bath house where my wife’s lover lets as many as ten or twenty studs rape my sissy ass. Here I also suck as many cocks as possible in order to meet my wife’s requirement of drinking a gallon of cum every month.
We were married last year and my goal for this year is 3000 blowjobs and 1500 cocks up my ass, unless my wife determines that this is too easy and adds additional challenges.
I must go now to put on my bikini and cut the grass for all the ladies in the neighborhood and then wash my wife’s car. The aim is to get tan lines in order to keep the bra marks visible as much as possible. My wife loves to dress me in strapless dresses to show them off as I drive her to the mall and get out of the car to open doors for her. Sometimes she even forces me to walk through the mall with her with a sign on my back reading: “Wanted: black cock for pussy ass”.
She has also said to put this in my letter: Toilet slave for use or rent for ladies coming to Atlanta. Ladies only.

Your humble toilet slave

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