What’s Fair is Fair

What’s Fair is Fair

 Husband deflowered and feminized by bored wife

After 10 years of marriage, our sex was boring and I was growing restless. My husband said he would do anything I asked in order to keep me, a deal that would change our lives, especially his, forever.

The little sex shop down by the train station and the ‘Frederick’s’ store in the mall provided all of the tools I needed. When my husband came home Friday evening, I greeted him with a huge kiss and a glass of champagne. When he asked me what we were celebrating, I assured him it would be clear by the end of the night. I lightly squeezed his balls, telling him to wait on the couch while I got changed.

Ten minutes later I strolled back into the room wearing his favorite outfit, black fishnet stockings, garter belt, mini skirt and a red push-up bra. I sat across from him with my thighs slightly parted so he’d notice I hadn’t put on any panties.

Crossing and uncrossing my legs was driving him crazy, but I wouldn’t allow him to touch me. I wanted him good and horny before I told him that I had a rather bold plan for the night and maybe into the weekend. Saying that he was “at my command,” I had him finish his drink. Opening the front of his pants, I took hold of his stiff prick and led him upstairs. He would come down a different ‘man.’

I knelt before him and took his cock in my mouth. I would bring him to the brink of orgasm then slow down enough so he couldn’t cum. Getting off my knees I sat him down at my make-up table.

“You don’t mind if I indulge in one of my fantasies?” I inquired. Stroking his prick with one hand, I began to powder his face with the other.

False eyelashes, eyeliner, foundation, lipstick, the works; all of the time telling him what a beautiful woman he’d make. When I pinned on the wig, I could see he was about to put an end to my plans. Quickly, I stood him up and looked into his eyes. “I’ve never licked a girl before, can I lick you?” I said as I bent down and gave his cock and balls a workout like they never experienced before. Soon he was desperate to cum but I kept holding back till he reached the breaking point.

“Please,” he begged, “I can’t take anymore. I’ll do anything you want this evening if you’ll just get me off.”

I went back to sucking him, but just before he was about to shoot, I stopped and looked directly at him. “Anything the rest of the weekend without question?”

“YES!” was his answer as he exploded into my mouth and I swallowed every drop.

I asked if he would like to go downstairs for some snacks and champagne. Being he had no supper, he jumped at the idea.

“Well, we’ll have to find something sexy for such a pretty girl to wear,” I said teasingly.

I opened my closet and his jaw dropped when he saw his new outfit. Black fishnet stockings, garter belt, black mini skirt and a red push-up bra. I was dressing him in the same outfit he always wanted me to wear!

Sliding up his stockings, attaching them to his garter belt and fastening his bra (complete with falsies) was a complete turn-on. As I placed the skirt on him, I never felt so powerful in my life.

I sat my little doll on the couch and handed ‘her’ another glass of champagne.

Explaining that no two girls ever dress alike, I left to change my clothes. Outfitted in a pair of slacks and a man-tailored shirt, with my hair parted and pulled back from my face, I returned to the living room. And there he sat in a skirt! We ate, drank, talked, laughed and had a most delightful evening. My husband was so relaxed he basically forgot what he was wearing. Yet every time I looked at him I was not able to believe what I had accomplished. It took all my willpower not to smile with satisfaction. I had turned this virile man into my ‘girl.’

Almost. One more thing had to be accomplished.

With the wine and food, his cock was now rapidly rising under his skirt. I had to turn away so as not to laugh at the sight. During dinner, I had led the conversation in the direction of the sexes being equal. I asked him if he felt that it was right that one spouse would ask something of the other, but not reciprocate?

His reply was emphatically, “No, I’d never ask you to do something I wouldn’t do.”

Walking over to my husband, lightly kissing his perfumed neck and reaching under his skirt to rub his cock, I asked him if he would like to get laid. I suggested we do it in the living room with the lights off, in front of the picture window. It’s his favorite spot. He says it gives him a rush to know a car’s headlights could catch us in the act. We started making out and groping each other. When he reached for my pussy he got the shock of his life; he felt the six-inch strap-on dick I had purchased.

Before he could say a word, I asked him if he had lied to me earlier about allowing me to fulfill my fantasies or about equality in sex. I told him I wouldn’t ask him to blow me, but I expected him to allow me to have anal sex with him, being he had asked me for it on many occasions.

Trapped, he replied “What’s fair is fair.”

I could actually see the fear in his beautiful made-up eyes and on his pretty painted face. Saying, “Let me lick your pussy,” I slipped my head under his skirt and started sucking his cock, ‘til he was about to explode. This was the point I had to get him to for his deflowering to become my ‘girl’ forever!

In the same way we had done it so many times, we shut off the lights and walked to the window. But this time it was him bent over with his head down. The thrill of peeling his skirt up and looking down at his ass with a garter belt leading to his fishnets was indescribable. How many times had he taken me like this? Now it was my turn!

I could feel ‘her’ slightly shudder when I started to massage ‘her’ ass and reached under ‘her’ to keep ‘her’ hard. With my other hand I squeezed on some KY I had placed on the windowsill earlier. ‘She’ started to tremble as I spread it between ‘her’ ass cheeks and worked my finger into ‘her’ virgin orifice.

I slid down the zipper of my slacks and took out my strap-on cock. I was so excited I considered turning ‘her’ around and having ‘her’ suck on it, but I had to stick to my part of the bargain. Lubing it up well, I placed it at ‘her’ virgin entrance and softly whispered, “You’ve been a very good girl. I’ll be gentle with you.”

Then I slipped the tip of my cock into ‘her’ ass. ‘She’ gasped and bucked but I held ‘her’ tight so as not to dislodge the head.

“That’s a good girl, everything will be OK,” I assured ‘her’.

I waited a minute or so to let ‘her’ ass get used to the size of my cock, and then pushed in a little further. Another gasp escaped those painted lips. I pulled out a little then slid it back in. ‘She’ trembled under me. I began a slow in and out rhythm until I had ‘her’ settled down. Then I began to fuck ‘her’ in earnest.

“You can take it baby, I know you can handle my cock!” I told ‘her’ as I was riding ‘her.’

I would fuck ‘her’, stop with my pecker still inside ‘her’, grab ‘her’ pussy-cock with a well-lubricated hand to stimulate ‘her’ and go back to fucking ‘her’. When ‘she’ began to push back onto my dick, my ultimate fantasy was to come true. And ‘she’ was too far gone to stop it! I slid out of ‘her’, then forcefully pushed my ‘dick’ in ‘her.’ ‘She let out a little yelp, which was exactly why I did it. I know there were times I was rammed a little harder than necessary to force that sound from my lips. Fair is fair!

Smiling, I whispered in ‘her’ ear, “I think it’s time you had your first orgasm as a woman. You’re going to be my girl for the rest of your life.”

I began a steady pumping motion, stopped, played with ‘her’ pussy-cock, then began pumping again.

‘Her’ pushing back into my dick was the sign that the final deed would be done. I stopped playing with her pussy-cock. ‘She’ was desperate to cum but couldn’t.

“Please, Please,” ‘she’ begged.

“What baby? What do you want?” I teased.

“Make me come, please,” ‘she’ begged.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” I teased some more.

“Yes, Oh Please, Yes,” ‘she’ pleaded.

I held ‘her’ pussy-cock in my hand but didn’t jerk it. All I had to do was fuck ‘her’ prostate and squeeze ‘her’ pussy-cock. ‘She’ started grinding into my dick as ‘her’ member swelled and leaked. At this point I let ‘her’ do all the work. I was so excited I had juices running down my legs. ‘She’ was over the edge and out of control. Bucking wildly against me, as I had a firm grip on ‘her’ pussy-cock, ‘she’ came!


And then the most amazing thing happened. As I was removing my dick from ‘her’ newly deflowered orifice, I had the most intense orgasm of my life. There was now no going back for me (and little did ‘she’ know, for ‘her’ either). I was going to make some permanent changes to ‘her’ and this publication was to be my bible.

This letter was originally published in Forced Womanhood 68